HOLY JESUS SNACK CUP! is right. Thursday snuck up on me like none other! A couple of weeks ago, when I was thinking about really doing this and soon, it seemed like a great idea that I should coincide my head covering with the first day of classes. A date where there was a new group of people, and a new start, of sorts. I was also considering ONLY covering in class. Because let’s face it: I’m a wimp. It now seems much more reasonable that I go full time. Which means even at work. And this idea terrifies me. Well, terrify is a bit strong, but i’m really nervous. It will seem really random to them. I don’t know if I went around this the right way. I’ve only mentioned that I’ve thought about covering to one woman at work, and I tried to make it sound like a not very serious thing then. I also hinted tonight that something was going to change for me tomorrow to another coworker. I’m wondering if this was really fair to them. I mean, really? Did I owe them a warning or something?

It seems like whenever I feel like I’m about to get ahold of my stress levels, I do something to make it worse.  I am starting a hard semseter on Thursday.  I take my test for med tech on Friday, and will, God willing, start training for that Friday afternoon. and then I decide that covering my head is a good idea! great job dana. great job.



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