“courtesy strand”

So, I’m at my school, done with my first class and… nothing happened! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. People are not all that comfortable the first day. I guess. I think I’m a little disappointed. People were really nice to me. It was rainy/grey on they way over and I had my windshield wipers on and, because I’m such a rule follower, I had my lights on. With the Little Blue Death Bucket, which has no way of indicating that you left your lights on. So I park near to a dude sitting in his own Metro, get out and start toward the building and the guy warns me that  I left my lights on. Which is really great because the LBDB’s battery dies fairly easily. As I found out in Springfield this summer, under simmilar circumstances. At least I have jumper cables now!

And now the anticipation of work. I might go for a slightly different look. But I’m not sure exactly how. I like the Islamic style because I know how to do it, not look completely stupid and I know it SHOULD stay in place. Other ways, I’m not so sure about. This will take definite experimentation. I went Islamic style this morning, with a “courtesy strand” if you will (not my term, but aptly put.) I have more to say on style, later.


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2 Responses to ““courtesy strand””

  1. Emily Says:

    Mabruk! You did it!

    It’s cool that you want to cover at work too…I just hope you don’t feel like you *have* to since you’re covering elsewhere. When I first donned hijab, I’d take it on test runs whenever I went anywhere that wasn’t work. For my job at the vet, I’d wear pawprint bandanas. I gradually upgraded to cutesy animal fabrics that I’d cut a little bigger so they covered more, and turtlenecks, finally going in one day with a regular square scarf. I didn’t wear it to my other job until my landlord (the vet himself, as you may recall) gave me notice that I had to move out. I got the note right after I got home from the masjid after taking Shahada, and it just seemed too coincidental *not* to have meaning, you know? I didn’t have to think about it; I just knew that from that day on, I was a Muslimah and had to put my trust in God. My scarf helped me solidify my new identity, and more importantly my new faith.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t force yourself to wear it to work if you’re uncomfortable with it, or if you’re too worried about people’s reactions, or what kind of warning or explanation you’re obligated or not obligated to give them. Maybe God will give you one of those “The Time is NOW” moments, and your worries and discomfort will become secondary.

    Whatever you choose to do, or whatever God chooses for you, I wish you strength and peace of mind 🙂

  2. dana Says:

    thanks. I think the thing for me is, I don’t want to look unprofessional. And if you saw how my director of nursing dresses, you would understand. I know we wear “scrubs” but I think a bandana is crossing the line. So i’m trying to find a wrap style that will work. Maybe without coming around the front. must go play now.

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