plainclothes sighting

Today, as I was at “The Place Which Shall Not Be Named” I saw a plainclothes woman. She was with a plainclothes man, a baby and a woman dressed “normally” I would assume they were amish or mennonite, as I saw several other plainclothes men around as well. However, she wasn’t wearing a bonnet, but a white kerchief on her head. She was also wearing a long sleeved green dress that went down to mid-calf, a white apron and flip-flops. I had to restrain myself, repeating “dana, it is not appropriate to hug strangers./dana, stop staring!” over and over. Thankfully I ‘just happened’ to have to walk past them a couple of times…


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One Response to “plainclothes sighting”

  1. Anna Says:

    It is ok to walk over and say, “God Bless you, Sister!” 🙂 We appreciate it.

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