just keep your head…

So, I’m sitting in the downstairs hallway at school with my computer, Victor, trying to download some “How to wrap hijab” videos to my computer with Media Converter and it’s just not working. I personally think it’s because of the school’s dumb restrictions, both for content and now possibly random programs. Whatev, it’s not working. I’ve figured out how to put the headphones in my ears under the scarf and am looking through some possible videos to watch. When this girl comes up to me.

“Are you, are you one of those? Are you one of those?” It wasn’t an accusatory voice, but inquisitive. But either way I was rather put off from the start. Good job, yo. So I look at her, rather incredulously.
“Do you mean, am I a Muslim?”
“Yeah, are you a Muslim?”
“No, I’m a Christian.” And then I go off just a little bit on the “Yeah, this style scarf is more in the Islamic tradition, but Christianity has it’s own tradition of head covering, blah, blah, blah” which was probably totally unnecessary given that she couldn’t even think of ‘muslim’ It wasn’t even “Are you an Islam?” a question I can understand, but still. And then she sat down and wanted to chat. I wanted to get my hijab video fix and go home and sleep. I tried to be polite, but I probably failed miserably.

A snippet of conversation where I’m pretty sure I failed in the politeness aspect:
“I have friends who are Muslim. Do you have friends that are Muslim?”
“Uh, yeah… I do. But … they don’t really live around here, I guess.”
“Oh, yeah. My friends who are Muslim don’t live around here either. I have one in Springfield and … other places.”

anyway, I didn’t handle my first real question all that well. So, the only way to go from here is up.


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