So, I wore a bandana to work this evening. It worked out pretty well, actually. I intend to do it from now on. The only problem is that I have three bandanas. and none of them really match my scrub uniforms. So, either I’m going to not match or … I need new ones or something else I guess. Maybe my STL trip will be able to fix that.

Although I was really  happy with my head covering situation  (I only got a couple of comments so far, one saying it was cute and  another in which I just quickly replied “I want to cover my head”. I didn’t expand. I was also really rediculously busy.) the rest of the evening was incredibly stressful. I taped a note to my boss’s door  (which is the standard mode of communication when she is gone) It ended with “We are fighting again. I don’t like you very much right now.” So… yeah.


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