it’s a religious thing

So, wow. I had an … interesting… day at work on Thursday. One of the management nurses, who has the responsibility of doing all the “educational” things, called me in to her office to explain the “dress code” and how hats, bandanas and head covers in general are not part of the dress code. So, I took off the bandana I was wearing and put it in my pocket and she continued to go on to say how it wasn’t personal and no one is supposed to wear hats and all that jazz. I must have come off as pretty upset because she was quite apologetic.  I stood there silently ( and awkwardly, as I tend be when I’m trying to think of how to actually say what I want) for a bit and she asked me “Is this just like who you are? Like, I’d wear a ball cap all the time if I could.”

I said “No,” and changed the subject.

I did have some questions for her about some nursing stuff. But before I left she brought it up again, again as kind of an apology that she had to say anything, and I did it. I DID IT! I think my exact words were, “It’s just that I recently decided to cover my head as a religious practice.”

BAM! “Oh, well, that’s different! if it’s religious, I think we have to honor it. Why didn’t you say so from the beginning? Let me talk to the DON and we will get something worked out.” No other questions. No justification needed, nothing.  She called later that afternoon and said that  yeah, I could wear a head covering, but would I mind wearing something white?

I think I can handle that.

I love America.

Now, for the challenge of living up to the color I didn’t choose.


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2 Responses to “it’s a religious thing”

  1. Isaac Says:

    You go girl… It took some guts to do that, and yes, The US is amazing… 🙂


  2. Emily Says:

    How awesome! Seriously, that’s great! I’m really proud of you for telling her your reason for covering rather than just letting the issue rest and stewing about it. *does happy dance for Dana*

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