fighting and scarves

I must remember that while I might be constantly fighting, I am not under constant attack. Though between school and work and this whole head covering thing, it kinda feels like it to me. I must have more patience with others, but especially with myself. This does not equate with being harder on myself, because I have freakin’ high standards and I WILL live up to them, it just might take time.

I rock hardcore and even when things are hard.

In other news, I recently found a way to secure scarves to my head without doing the whole hijabi thing. Unfortunately I fought for twenty minutes this morning with this “surefire” thing only to get frustrated because the GD thing would not stay put/look quite right. Holy Moley. GRRR.


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One Response to “fighting and scarves”

  1. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello There, Dana,

    Ah….the eternal question as to the why’s and wherefores of headcovering……this can be dificult in situations where people have known you uncovered in the past or you’ve covered as a member of a different faith……I got a few nasty comments when attending work the Monday after my baptism (and public covering) seven years ago……it is indeed easier when this is the only way people have ever seen one…….

    As for folk who ask questions, i am usually happy to answer, and with a smile let them know it is on acount of my faith and a personal conviction concerning scripture; each circumstance warrents a slight modification of the answer. Family are the harshest; with them, I simply wear a buncover (see them on ‘plainly dressed’…

    when on the big yahoo headcoverings board, there were several hospital workers there, nurses, technitians, the lot, and all had support to cover as long as it was not a ‘dangly’ etc that got in the way or needed tending to…..indeed, many Muslims are able to Hijab on the job in hospital; there is legislation to support you covering in the hospital setting as long as said covers meet OH&S standards.

    I’ve found friendly engagement breaks down three quarters of the barriers…..and, I am never shy to identify my denomination; many find it a comfort to hear I’m Anglican (rather than some tiny little sect no-one’s heard of – with all respect to ladies who are members of small quiet denominations)….

    Just a few more thoughts. If you like the covers sold through ‘Garlands of Grace’ the Katherine’ might be suitable to wear on the job…

    Also, the covers sold at can be made with inserts for clips etc and they’ve that many styles you’ll be bound to find something in the make, colour or fabric of your choice, and if not, you can send in your own fabric and trim…..perhaps a nice deep purple velvet with matching ties or tiedied silk……whatever you fancy.

    Best wishes,

    PS: if you have ‘hippy stalls’ occasionally at your campus (the types that sell incense, hippy clothes etc, these often sell lovely scarves or other accessories that make lovely coverings; I have five from such stalls; very nice indeed, including one in ‘rainbow Rasta’ 🙂

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