why my neighbors hate me.

dana: so, both of the big fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen are out.
dana: and i am too freakin lazy to change them.
dana: or take one out to see what kind it is to buy two more
Isaac: is this part of your white trash aesthetic?
dana: that, and my lack of lawn mowing
dana: and the random plastic crap that zekiel brings back.
Isaac: lol
Isaac: gurl, you gots one fucked up yard!
dana: fuck you.
Isaac: sorry, I was getting into the white trash spirit
dana: and i ‘forget’ to bring in the mail for days at a time
dana: i know
dana: it was clasy.
dana: i’m so freakin’ lazy
dana: oh, and i’m probably going to copy/paste this into a white trash post.


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One Response to “why my neighbors hate me.”

  1. Emily Says:

    haha I do that with the mail too. I’ll actually look through the box, and if nothing looks interesting, I’ll just leave it there for awhile instead of bringing it up and throwing it out.

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