[comput[er [p[[ro[blems.[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

so, a while b[[[ack, i spilled [[[[s[oda[ on my co[m[[put[e[[r[ and the seve[n[[, eight, nine, ze[[[r[o[[[[,[[ [[[[[[[[[[d[ash, and, inte[rest[ingly enough, the [o[pen bracke[[t[[ [[[[[[[ke[[y[[ [[[s[[to[[p[pe[[[[d[ wo[rk[[ing[.[ [[[[a[s[[[ y[[[ou[ [c[an see, the[ open b[racket[ [[key[ is [[n[ow[ in [full [force and i [ha[ve[[ no clue[[[ [[ho[w to[ t[u[r[n it off.[[ [[any ide[as on [[[[[[[ke[y[board cleaning/making the [key stop?



2 Responses to “[comput[er [p[[ro[blems.[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[”

  1. Elle Says:

    A little laborious, but it might be your only hope. (It’s not p0rn.)


  2. dana Says:

    Hmm, I see how, in the long run, that would be a good idea. unforuntately, I really don’t know HOW to take the keys off of my keyboard. My temporary at best solution was to smash the key hard and wiggle it around a bit. It seems to be working. (yeah, the future nurse in me is pounding on the table.)

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