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I’ve been having problems at work, right? Apparently I’m not all that good at hiding my frustration. I thought a little thing that might help me out would be some music that’s not the radio. Because while I do like pop, I can’t stand it at work. I don’t understand, I don’t really care. I had this really adorable mp3 player and recently it bit the dust. So, I bought a cheapy at Target the other day. Saturday morning, when I was getting ready for work, I put some of my music on it and took the preprogrammed music off. Somewhere in this transaction, something went wrong and now it won’t start up, the computer doesn’t recognize it when it’s plugged in, nothing. So, great, right?

Then, I go out to the Little Blue Death Bucket and realize I’ve left the lights on all night long and the battery is dead.

Frustrating, but not the end of the world because I do still have my car, PANTS! Except PANTS has a COMPLETELY flat tire. No big deal, I’ll jump start LBDB with PANTS! This was a difficult attempt because PANTS! has a battery that is not… conveniently.. oriented. The terminals are difficult to get to. But, I attempted, and think I got the jumper cables hooked up correctly and everything. But LBDB would not start. I must need a new battery.

And still, I realize that I am blessed (realized, not at the time, but in retrospect) because I have an air compressor at the house. I fill up PANTS!’s tire and make it to work.

Unfortunately, I’m fifteen minutes LATE, instead of my usual fifteen minutes EARLY which means I get a late start and run behind all night long. I don’t get any breaks. I don’t sit down until after ten.

Plan for tomorrow:
remove battery from LBDB
put spare on PANTS!
make sure spare is fully flated.
Exchange battery.
replace battery.
Study for lab practical exam on Monday.

We’ll just have to seen what parts get pulled at the last minute.


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