just a monday.

A multimini update, which seems to be all I can handle anymore. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

I had my anatomy lab practical today, I don’t think I failed anymore. Not quite sure how I did. There was definite cramming going on postwork until about two am when I completely gave up. Even after that, there wasn’t much sleep. I did however, catch my dog when I got home so there wasn’t much cursing at him because of his dumbass barking all night. yay.

Between the lack of sleep, work stress and class and the fact that I carry all this stress in my shoulders, I can now feel my trapezius muscles are tense all the way down my back. great!

I bought this scarf at sears on Friday for a quarter the price I thought it would be and I thought it was half off, so YAY new red scarf. When I was getting ready today, I decided to wear my Rastafari shirt. I put on a green jacket over the shirt and a yellow underscarf with the black headband and red scarf and in the planning stages  (really rediculously sleep deprived planning stages) I thought this would be amazing. Red, green, yellow, a glorious combination of Rasta, right? well, except I had a black headband, a yellow stripe and then the red scarf which ended up looking much more German, since I’m wearing hijab style, it looks muslim, add in the rasta shirt and it was almost schizophrenic. for real. and then the yellow was bunching and blah blah blah. sucky head covering day.

Planning a couple of battles with my boss today. Should be fun.

All things got done yesterday. I successfully removed my car battery, replaced it with a new one from Walmart, reinstalled it. Put the spare tire on the other car. later this week I will need to go have the dud tire patched. PLUS I made it to mass. More to say on that later.

peace, ya’ll.


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