while at Target

Target, accessories, scarf aisle. dana wearing ‘normal’ clothes and a red, red scarf, mary-style, scoping out the scarves. Lady, wearing god knows what.

Lady walks by, staring. Stops, still staring
dana stares back.

Lady: Are you getting ready for winter or something?
dana: begins walking away, laughing, mumbling uh… not really.

Really, people? What do you say in situations like these? I used to be quick witted, but I’m out of practice, besides bitchy comments are probably not what’s needed in these situations. I should work on a well thought out, easily understandable quick reply, like I found when explaining my educational history — which is it’s own slightly whacked out story. I guess I just need the motivation to work that little story out.


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One Response to “while at Target”

  1. Anna Says:

    “Modesty is never out of season (or style).”

    Works every time!

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