WOW! today didn’t suck!

That really is suprise in the title. I got up about an hour later than my alarm was set for, but I wasn’t late to class. I totally sported the ‘chemo’ look today, turbaned up, yo.

The miracle was work though. I was done when I was supposed to be done, I got my lunch break and I wasn’t running around crazy like a mad woman. It was GLORIOUS!

Tomorrow is my birthday, a quarter of a century. I’m superexcited about that. I’m not sure why, though because I know I’m not going to be doing anything special. I keep thinking about where I was a year ago, in ETHIOPIA. Running around with a westerner I met in Yemen, looking at churches, christians, muslims, seeing women’s faces, heads covered, heads uncovered, ICONS! and all that jazz. Searching for White Russians, amazing food … I’m getting the wanderlust. And yet, it’s not in a bad way. It’s kind of in this “I haven’t always been here and I’m not always going to be here” way, and so, it’s good.


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One Response to “WOW! today didn’t suck!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Ah hah! It IS today! Happy birthday!

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