well, i feel better at least.

I talked with my boss again today. It wasn’t necessarily productive, but I said what I’ve been trying to say for about a month, which is that I will be a nurse and that I’m doing this CMT thing to be the best nurse that I can possibly be. And apparently, that’s all I needed. I felt WONDERFUL after that, despite the fact that I was still ridiculously behind. I left work about half an hour late, but it’s all good.

In other news, I’m taking this anatomy class, right?  In it we must dissect at cat. On Wednesday my lab group members wanted to name our female cat, so i suggested Bob. After Bob Marley, of course. This was immediately rejected because “you can’t name a girl cat Bob.” Whatev. So, then the other girl was like “maybe marley?” which was DENIED because the third had a real life cat named Marley, and it still wasn’t girly enough, so I suggested Nesta, which was accepted! Yay! and then I explained that it was Nesta as in Robert Nesta Marley, which was apparently new information. As in she didn’t realize we were still naming the cat after Bob.

So, in summary, the first half of yesterday was fantastic and the second half of today was fantastic and if you forget about that middle “day” ish thing, then yeah, I’ve had a pretty great birthdayish thing.


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