Every time I drive home from class, I pass this gun shop. Out in front it has one of those “church” signs that allows you to make your own messages with those plastic letters. For the past week or so it has simply said “NO BAMA” which is not really my political affiliations, but every day that I drove by it, it kinda made me happy. I really wanted to take a picture of it. Today, however, it was gone. There was no replacement message, just empty sign. It made me sad.



2 Responses to “signs…”

  1. alana Says:

    So, it that a political statement, or is it against the University of Alabama, known familiarly as “Bama”?

    Seems like it would have been more correct to put “Nobama” on the sign…but then I’m really picky about correct grammar and spelling on signs and it WAS in front of a gun shop as you say. šŸ˜‰

  2. dana Says:

    I assumed political statement. We are much too far away from Alabama for it to be anti UofA. I like the idea of spelling it nObama but those signs tend to be all caps. I like the idea of great grammar in front of a gun shop.

    My favorite sign of all time was “ICEEEE COLD BEFR” which had three or four different colors of “E” in “ICEEEE” and then they ran out of E’s for the beer. It was great. And probably up for several YEARS. Gotta love the rural life.

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