unintentional covering.

Today at work one of the administration nurses was wearing what can only be described as a “bun cover” and preheadcovering I’m pretty sure I would have thought to myself “Damn! That’s ugly!” because I’m pretty sure my postheadcovering self thought that. But as the day went on, it made me happy. I mean, I’m still pretty sure it’s ugly, but at the same time, it was like

YEAH HEADCOVERING! Even though I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the intent.

Whatev. It still made me happy.


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One Response to “unintentional covering.”

  1. alana Says:

    Nobody puts one of those things on by accident, and the only place I’ve seen them promoted has been on headcovering sites for “newbies” who don ‘t have the guts to go all out. So chances are, she was probably wearing a headcovering intentionally. YEAH HEADCOVERING!

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