more misrepresentations

So, Saturday after I got done with Altar Guild set up, I went to Walmart for some essentials. Like thread and Ice Cream (a true essential, you know) and while there, I saw a fellow headcovering lady. She was wearing a long white veil, long sleeved tshirt and a jean skirt. I waved, and she said “Hi!” It was very pleasant and I was kinda giddy afterwards.

And then I crashed, as I normally do. It hit me that even as I feel like I’m misrepresenting myself when I am at school if I wear hijab (which I rarely do anymore, in favor of a loose style) I feel like I’m misrepresenting myself even if i go in a very traditional protestant christian kerchief style (which was what I was wearing at the time) because the protestant headcoverers that i’m finding are very frugally oriented, at least trying to keep a good house, home cook, ect. I am NONE of these things. I work because I have to. Well, I work because I want to as well. I’m going to school to get my BSN because I want to continue to work after I get married. I am a HORRIBLE housekeeper. (See snake story. Actually, I haven’t written snake story, suffice to say that it starts with a snake in the house and ends with a gas fire. The house is still intact, PRAISE THE LORD! ) I don’t cook. Mostly because of the schedule, but also because I suck at it. I seriously bought ice cream, spinach and dr. pepper and hoped that there was enough canned food in the house to last the week. Today I did go buy a pizza and a tray of enchiladas which shoould last the week.

What I’m saying is that I’m not a homemaker. I have more examples, but I don’t need to embarrass myself any more. What am I saying when I put on a headcover?  Am I saying that I am domestic? That I am married and have children? What are you saying? What do other people assume?


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3 Responses to “more misrepresentations”

  1. Sarah Elliott Says:

    hello There, Dana,

    Hmm; How to respond in the one dimensional world of words…….Let me assure you, I for one moment don’t think you are misrepresenting yourself when you cover, or misrepresenting your faith, or even God. Take heart and be of good courage. When i started (on the day of my baptism, 7 april 2001), I was far from even thinking I’d be married, living singally in a little apartment close to work, employed with the Australian Public Service. I didn’t fit the ‘Prairie Muffin’ (meant in all kindness to the many ladies who follow that path) pattern of my life and although I’m gradually edging more modest, felt comfortable then wearing headcovers with skirts or pants alike; and even now when in ‘KD’ attire, individualise it with a wrap, broach, neclace or little bracelet and match the cover in colour to the outfit.

    Both on the net and in RL, there are just about as many variations of Protestant headcoverers as there are human beings on this big wide Earth of ours. I’ve run into everyone from homemakers (classic frugal types) to medical workers, teachers, lady Ministers, ex millitary, you name it; some wearing pants, others a mixture, others still skirts only and others yet again what the US call ‘Jumpers’ only and even plain. have you come across the ‘Anglican Plain’ blog? Most insightful. for a while, because these were all I could afford or easily obtain, I even bought the wears of our local ‘Muslim[ clothierres because it was the only modest attire I could get my hands on readily (though wore it with my own signature style of covering and never got any bad feedback from the community; a few taxi drivers (muslim) enquired, but when told that I am Christian and do such and such out of conscience and conviction to scripture, to a one, they heartily encouraged me.

    Fear not, if you’re relatively new to Christian covering or have come to covering after being in another faith that covered, it can feel awkward at first as you span the traditions and life experiences of several worlds……

    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts,

    PS: as for your snake in oven, in my early 20’s, flatting with a friend, our pet rat became temporarily trapped after exploring the opening for tapes in the VCR…..and……in several of my former homes, lizards would be frequent company in the shower (little skinky lizards, several inches long…


  2. dana Says:

    I just googled and am now reading “Anglican, Plain” interesting.

    was it really a pet rat? because i could claim “pet snake” hm… i might try that! And anyway, you could blame either of those on your shady, shady landowner (even if s/he wasn’t actually shady, shady.) I only have myself to blame, seeing as it’s basically my house.

    Thanks for the prayers/thoughts. I will need them as my mother is coming home this weekend. I haven’t told her yet. I’m thinking it’s going to be more of a “what are you doing?” “Yeah, so this is what I do.” thing.

  3. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello There, Dana,

    Ah yes, it was a genuine pet rat; (fabulous little creatures; easy to care for, keep their tank cleen and they and they never smell, not one bit…. they’re very friendly and sociable but most have to get over the yech factor; Rats are in fact, as you most likely are aware, are fastidiously clean. It is only their surrounding environment that determins their cleanliness, carrying of disease, parasites etc.

    As for your snake in oven, hmm, bit too warm to be a vivarium don’t ya think 🙂 however I guess you could always claim it as a pet; as for shady landlords, hmm, I’ve run into my fair share of those (shudders in memory of both homes and individuals….)

    I owe you an appology, Navigating this site with text to speech (see and as to why) I did not catch your name in the previous entries I responded to……till this one.

    Oh me; I wish I had some salient, sound advice concerning meeting your parents. This is the toughest hurdle by far……….or, at any rate it was with me and has been challenging to many ladies who cover (unless they’re blessed enough to have mothers who actually have also made the choice, or gone undercover first)…

    /with me, and I know this might stick in your craw, and still does in mine……..I have come to compromise……using buncovers as my form of covering when with them, and on occasion, a wide headband. This is the best way to avoid confrontation, honour my conscience/obedience to scripture and the fifth commandment at the same time……

    This may not be for you; if you’ve a pretty ‘garlands of grace’ perhaps wear that rather than full covering (even though you may long to cover fully…….if they’re of a covering faith other than Christianity, then, you may well have more latitude and they may be more open to seeing you covered fully and the point of scripture might actually be a very positive olive branch.

    Over the last forty five years, all sense of modesty and covering as ‘normal’ have been run out of town in the West, so to speak, until now, that anything one wears upon one’s head out of conviction of faith raises ire in dispreportional spadefuls!! This ire, also is driven by pure assumption; no-one seems, so often, to stop, think, and respect the coverer, just assuming any one of half a dozen untruths, and, you know what an old friend once said to me…..’Assume makes an ass of you ‘n’ me Ass u me’…..sad they assume when they miss the point completely and choose the delusion of their own eronius conclusions, but this is another topic for another time.

    I will continue to pray for strength and peace for you as you venture along the covered path. Don’t be afraid if your covering style takes half a dozen different turns along the way, the main thing is that you’re covered. Smile, don’t let your fear show, leave it all at the foot of the cross, and search out other mainline denominations with coverers, Catholics, Baptists, lutherans etc (I think are Lutheran and

    are both Baptist.

    Here’s a great youtube pro modesty clip that I have it on good authority is on our side.

    may god bless you,


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