church WHOA

A couple of Sundays ago, we had some people that attended my church come back (if you know anything about Episcopalian/Anglican controversies, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with that) anyway, I had pants, a button down shirt and a black scarf. After church, I sat down in the parish hall for coffee hour. One of the ladies sat down across from me and asked me if I was a nun. haha. no. I just cover my head. Not a nun.

The next Sunday she was back, but I didn’t recognize her right off because she was wearing a BERET!



3 Responses to “church WHOA”

  1. Isaac Says:

    What is she, special forces? Who wears a beret to church?

  2. dana Says:

    the beret was AWESOME. i don’t know what you’re talking about. It made me happy.

  3. djgang Says:

    LOL, you guys are so funny!

    Dana, I’m having a blast reading your blog and love the name!

    Yep, Issac maybe she is in the special forces…God’s!

    Dana, some special forces in the military wear berets as their choice of *hat*, instead of a cap or something else.

    Take care! And come visit me occasionally at my blog. I’m a former Episcopalian, just converted to the Catholic Church in 2007 and well, I wear a head covering occasionally.

    My name is Dana too! And did I read where you are in the medical field? I was in the medical field years ago as a x-ray tech.

    God bless!

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