It is official: I dropped Physiology today. I’ve been struggling with my eight week Anatomy class (which ends post test Wednesday). Struggling, not necessarily with the material, but with the sleep issue. I work until 11pm, and class is at 8, which might not be too bad except I live an hour away from school. Class meets four times a week and twice a week we have lab for two extra hours. For about two weeks, I didn’t eat. Even now, I don’t cook. At all. I’ve been eating fast food during my lunch break at work. That’s about it.

I just can’t imagine putting my body through eight more weeks of this for Physiology, which is supposed to be more difficult than Anatomy. On top of this, I know I could be dealing with stress at work a lot better if I were getting more sleep and eating better. I have been completely unable to deal with housework and all that jazz as well.

So, I officially dropped physiology. I’m a bit disappointed because this means postponing starting nursing school, but I think it needs to be done. It also increases my desire to just pick up and leave. I will be fighting this for a while. I have dreams of Russia currently. (I will partially blame my Orthodox Headcovering bloggers for the Russia dreams. If only I had known about you all three years ago when I was studying Russian! I bet I would have been much more interested in the language. Instead I got stuck in a class obsessed with communism and alcohol. Whatev.)


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