So, it’s cold, yo.

So, the other day my phone stopped working. This is rather common for the house when it rains, so I called my mom and she called the phone company. Well, tonight when I got back from work, the phone still wasn’t working. So I called my mom back, and she encouraged me to, in the morning, go outside and check the little grey box to make sure it’s the outside line. Well, I didn’t wait til morning, I just did it then. Which was at eleven pm. And sure enough, the outside little box works. Mush Muskila. Which is actually a Mushkila Kabera because that means the phone doesn’t work inside the house. And I thought to myself “dana, you’re pretty resourceful, you can do it.” but really I don’t know what I’m doing.

Again, I stray off track. The point is, it’s been a day and and a half and I haven’t checked my blogs or email or facebook. and that is JUST NOT CUTTING IT. So, I hauled my computer, Victor, outside and am sitting on the ground connected to the internet. And my fingers are freezing off.

And I think Isaac just signed on to tell me good night. Thanks.



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