why does winter have to come

i’m only happy when it rains… (ten points for finishing the lyric)

A quick update to say that I’m alive. And ridiculously cold as the phone still is not fixed. Contemplating a job change. Bought a sewing machine. GOING TO GENERAL CONVENTION!

Really excited about that. I’m going to receive JESUS from the presiding bishop. Well, maybe not directly but still. Weekend away from home, with UHMAZIN’ people and all that jazz.

Got an A in anatomy. The week is shaping up. unfortunately, I still freak out when going to work. Maybe I haven’t mentioned that before. Work gives me anxiety LIKE WHOA. But, the cat came back. She’s been missing since the oven was fixed, post “snake incident”,


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2 Responses to “why does winter have to come”

  1. Elle Says:

    Glad to know Annie has returned in one piece. She’s a sweetie. I bet the bishop’s Jesus isn’t as good as mine…

  2. dana Says:

    The PRESIDING Bishop’s Jesus was pretty darn tasty. Not as tasty as yours, but quite tasty for wafers, none the less.

    And BTW, The Catholics are MUCH better at the mass distribution of Jesus than the Episcopalians.

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