Convention time!

So, I’m in KC at the Diocesan Convention. I am, as you might suppose, the only head coverer around. There are however BOATLOADS of women in sportscoats. It just might be the unofficial Episcopal Woman’s Clothing. It seems like everyone, Including the five women here that I know have worn a blazer/sport coat today.  I was unaware of the popularity of this garment, especially in my church.

So, there I am, standing the the back of the room waiting for a minute by myself when this lady walks up to me and says “salaamu ‘alekum” and reaches out to shake my hand. I automatically reply “wa’alekum salam” and shake her hand because … uh. it’s habit. And she stops and asks me “Is that … a correct assumption?” To which I can only reply “Uh, No.” and then she doesn’t ask anything esle, she just moves on.

Later that evening an older lady comes up to me and askes,

Do you mind if I ask you about your headcovering?
No, what do you want to know?
Are you Muslim?
Why do you… is it for religious reasons?
Yes. (maybe I need to learn to expound a little more. I’ve been doing this for two months, but honestly very few people ask!)


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5 Responses to “Convention time!”

  1. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello There,

    Just thought I’d drop you a post and assure you you’re not alone as an Anglican who headcovers. ‘Name’s Sarah, 38, hapily married for the past three and a half years, student of theology at Australian Catholic University and, as already mentioned, a fellow headcoverer.

    I’ve been ‘undercover’ for the past seven years, more or less, (has it really been that long??) and have gone the whole gammit from hijab-style headcovering to the current form – lace short veils, wide headbands that are more like short veils than headbands plus buncovers. Also I ‘modest dress’ a’ la ‘King’s Daughters’ plus oldie-worldie that I pick up from country stores (you know the sort of thing you find in upmarket historic towns etc – oldie worldie that’s not reenactment garb but still ‘country Vic’…..

    In my case, I cover on account of the 1 Cor 11 passage, teamed with the guidance in 1 Thes to ‘pray without ceasing’ (being mindful and open to God always) along with the modesty passages. Most folk haven’t asked, some have and its been on the whole, a most eagreeable exchange. having come back to Anglicanism upon marrying and moving intercity (after being a Seventh Day Adventist for 21 years) I must say the attitude of folk in the Anglican community is far far more accepting and genuinely ‘live and let live’ than that which I’ve encountered in the other denomination. ‘hats off to ’em ‘ I say. Well, that’s enough of that……..May you be blessed in your covered journey,

    Oh, and I’ve been ‘Salam’ed by folk in church and in our local community (live on the doorstep of one of Sydney’s Muslim heartlands’ ()even though ‘King’s Daughters’ and a lacy veil is about as far from hijab and Abaya as you can get 🙂 )

  2. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello There,

    Just Sarah again…..perhaps you might consider confounding ’em all by sporting both a sportcoat and headcover when attending your next Church function 🙂


  3. dana Says:

    WOW! In ECUSA, when talking about Episcopal/Anglican theology we say “If you believe it, there’s another Episcopalian who believes it as well.” I had decided that I would not believe this until I found another Episcopal Headcoverer. AND NOW I HAVEI (Anglican TOTALLY counts!)

    I grew up protestant, non Anglican. The reply to ‘salam’ was automatic because I have spent some time in the Middle East. I cover for a few reasons, and will point you to my first post if you want to read more about that.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Spring Says:

    I LOLed. I’m UU myself and a head-coverer, but I spend a lot of time at the local Episcopal church because they’re closer geographically and we get along well. I could just see this. Glad you posted it.

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