coworker story!

I cover full time. At work, I wear this adorable/hideous triangle kerchief that I made myself. Much like one at Garlands of Grace, but it flares instead of being pleated/gathered. (I like the flares. They remind me of the vested chalice at mass.) It hasn’t really brought much attention or comments from my coworkers, minus a few questions when I first started, but the other day one of my coworkers started talking to me.

She came up to me and asked me if I believed in the “seventh day” I had a feeling she was talking about it as in Seventh Day Adventist, but I wasn’t sure and anyway, what do you say to that? So, I asked for clarification. “Huh?” She repeated “Do you believe in the Seventh Day?” I really don’t remember my oh-so-composed response, but it was most likely along the lines of “Uh, I go to Mass.” At this point, she was getting a little frustrated and went on to tell me that the seventh day is Saturday, God never changed it. Saturday is the Seventh Day.

She then proceeds to ask me if I believed in Revelations. Let me tell you, I believe a lot of things about Revelations. None of them seemed to be what this woman was getting at. “Do you believe in ‘The Beast’?” I’m pretty sure at this point my jaw hit the floor. Do I believe in “The Beast”? “Do you believe in the end times and what’s going on in the world today?”

My response? “Oh, Jesus!”
“I know you believe in Jesus, do you believe in ‘The Beast’?”
After a while of uncomfortable silence, she let me retreat back in to my Med Room.

It was there I realized I wanted to yell, “NO! I DON’T believe in ‘THE BEAST’!”

It has been a LONG time since I’ve thought about Revelations, especially in that manner and I DON’T MISS IT at all. Rapture, rapture and end time prophecies. All I can think of is something a lady at church said. When Christ came the first time around, he did not come in any way expected by those who studied the scriptures. It was a complete surprise. How much more so will his second coming be! How can we attempt to foretell or even understand how Jesus will come back to us?

I thank God for that.

Sometime after our conversation, I realized what our main disconnect is. Belief, not as in doctrine or dogma, but the ability to have it unconditionally.  Faith and belief are hard for me. I must work at it. I asked her at some point what her religion is. She replied, “I grew up Seventh Day Adventist. I mean, I smoke and all that now, but I still believe in the Seventh Day.” I will be the first to admit, I don’t know what I believe. But no matter what I believe, I try to live the creeds. I try to live our liturgy. I try to live as if I have this inherent, monolithic Faith. I fail often. For me, for now, trying to live these things is the best that I can do. I pray that right doctrine will follow as I attempt to live rightly.


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2 Responses to “coworker story!”

  1. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello There, Dana,

    yes, how familiar the words of your co-worker are to me; I was a Seventh Day Adventist for twenty one years; am now a ‘former Adventist (check out (or is it ‘org’) for some interesting testimonies and even more interesting links.

    Indeed, it took a Seroes on Revelation in a Braille quarterly I get from and a hefty bible study back-to-backing Revelation and Daniel in my Bible study class to start unlearning the SDA interpretation of these books; God brought these along in His time spaced at different intervals after I proceded to attend church at our local Anglican congregation. it can be hard. Though, I am sure of this. I believe – In the Incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary who came to Earth and lived among us, suffering the same privations his countrymen suffered in His time, suffered death, was buried, rose again, asended into Heaven, is now our Mediator before the Father, and will return in Glory to judge the Living and the Dead. Though we are warned of generalizations concerning ‘end times’ no one knows – not even the Son – only the FAther!! And, hmm, jesus Himself said he will be coming as a thief in the night; people will be buying, selling, marrying, giving in marriage….in short, living lives as they’ve always been lived. yes, there will be tough times ahead, but in Christ, we have assurance.

    the three books that truly have been a blessing to me as a former Adventist have been Romans, and Galatians . Interestingly, the SDA’s claim the Seventh Day Sabbath is the seal of God – Wrong!! The Holy Spirit is the seal of God (no, the holy spirit doesn’t give the seal of God, the Holy Spirit IS THE SEAL OF GOD)….. Give me a moment to rat through my bible helps……

    Ephesians 4: 30, 31.

    Salvation is through Grace; through faith in Jesus Christ, accepting the Gospel truth as able to save us…..I did not fully underatnd the Gospel until I left SDA’ism….

    Ephesians 2: 8-10
    Backtracking a bit; read all of Galatians. When John reiterates those famous words of Jesus ‘If you love me, you will keep my commandments’ john, in the Coine (Street) Greek of the day uses the word ‘Entol’ ‘teachings/instructions rather than ‘Nomas’ (excuse the spelling) or ‘Ten Commandments.

    We are given a new, to love the Lord our God with All our hearts, minds, souls and strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Does this mean we can go out and rob banks, pillage, embezle, gossip, lute, gad about loosely? No. We are given specific instructions in how to live and what to avoid….1 Thes 4: 3-7, Ephesians 4: 18-19, Romans 8, 1-2, James 1: 13-15 just to name a few. SDA’s site James 2: 14-26 as speaking of the Decalogue; James is clearly speaking about compasionate faith that cares for those around it as seen in Matt 25: 34-36.

    There are bags of additional supporting scripture in the NT; (i hope I’ve Brailled my references correctly and don’t lead you up the garden path completely

    Oh, and very important;

    All religious truth given in the time of the appostles and before……..nothing to come after……….Jude 3.

    Oh, and the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ is a gift, not a person.

    Finally, go back to Gal 1: 8, if there are any clinging doubts about all of this. Know your scriptures, know the Truth of Christ’s love, know the Blessed Assurance and hope available to all and any doubt will flee. Arguing with a Sev is difficult though; they just shut down……they need prayer; it was a lot of prayer, and tears shed by me and others around me who loved me, especially in my new Anglican home that got me through; along with some very sincere, humble, Scripture-founded ministers who now help those of us getting out to get out intact….

    This has grown into a very lengthy post; Please excuse this.


    Sarah. etc

  2. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Ooops; should be ‘two books’ rather than ‘three books’ excuse my lax editing.


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