it always has taken me a long time to respond

When I was in Ethiopia, my traveling partner and I went to this fairly nice restaurant. It was there that I had my first White Russian since I had arrived in Yemen. We sat down at a table and a large circle table was next to us. I heard them talking and they had a distinctively Texan accent.  I was facing their table and looking at them. There were quite a few people and NONE of them had alcohol. I decided at this moment that they were somehow missionaries.

One of the men turned and looked at me, recognizing an American accent as well, and attempted to strike up a conversation. He asked if we were Christian, and we were all “yeah” and then he asked if we were “born again Christians.” My memory is fuzzy on how we got out of this one, but I’m pretty sure it was with a few “uhhs” and a bathroom run.

Next time, I’m prepared, thanks to Mother Kathy. “Yeah, I’ve been baptized!”

Or maybe I’ll go biblical on him. “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” (John 3:4 ESV) Because really, this is a pretty good question to me. OOH! If he follows up with Jesus’ reply, and I can totally respond with the “Yeah! I’ve been baptized!”

It is the protestant lexicon that just gets me to the core. Throwing words around like they/we know what they mean! Born again, born again! What can that mean? How can you use it so casually? And whatever the answer is, you judge them as “one of us vs. one of them” “saved vs. needs saving”. And that works in the binary system, but I live in the reals.


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One Response to “it always has taken me a long time to respond”

  1. Elle Says:

    1) You are going to LOVE the Assembly of God preschool story.
    2) “In case of rapture, can I have your car?”

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