oh, family!

So, my mom is coming up on Friday. For those not in the know, I live in her house and she lives down a state with her mom, who needs the help. I haven’t seen my mom since I started covering and I … haven’t mentioned it.

Before I started covering, I talked to my priest a bit about it, got her opinion and set a ‘trial’ time frame. I was thinking about doing it for the semester. august to december ish. And she basically said, “If you’re going to try this, you can’t just do it for a week and go, ‘oh! not for me!’ You should do it until Christmas.” Huh. kinda perfect timing, eh?

Anyway. the point of that was, I might not see my mom in person until AFTER CHRISTMAS. I might decide to give up on this at Christmas. Why worry my mother over something she may never have to know about? And anyway, deceptions of omission are the easiest! (until you realize that you want to tell your mother “OH MAN! I found THE CUTEST scarf today!” or “You will not believe what someone said to me today!”)

So, she’s coming home. I think the plan of action is to do what I do and deal with questions as they come. Hopefully they will be better than “Are you sure you’re not converting to Islam?” because We’ve already done that one.


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One Response to “oh, family!”

  1. dana Says:

    So, it has come to my attention that I was a little unclear. I, at this point, don’t intend to quit covering at Christmas. I do like it and feel that there are spiritual benefits for me. However, before you start, it was a little necessary to put an “escape date” so if it became apparent this was totally not for me, I could adequately say “Yeah, I tried it. It wasn’t for me.”

    I also admit that when I think of covering, I don’t think of it in terms of “The Rest Of My Life” but more “for this season” if there comes a time where I feel led to stop covering, I probably will.

    But for now. I continue to cover and will continue until I feel led to stop. Hm… maybe obsessive internet searches of hairstyles will be my sign?

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