mom update and snoods

So, Mom was here last weekend and I did my headcovering ‘thang’ with no comments from her. I mostly expected that after she went home, she’d call within the week and ask about it. But the week has passed, and no questions.

While she was here, we went to a small town with this amazing flea market downtown. There are about five flea markets on one street. While walking through one, I was checking out the hats (in my red turban) and Mom said something about when she was a kid visiting relatives down south, “Everyone wore hats in the South during church back then.” Yup.

Carrying on a tradition, yo.



So, I’ve been trying for a while to make a cloth snood and my attempts have failed. FAILED like whoa. And maybe that’s partially because i’ve never seen one in real life. I really like this one from Garlands of Grace but I don’t have the money for it right now. And besides, I’m on this ‘I just bought a sewing machine, I AM INVINCIBLE!’ phase. I ran across some instructions online and man! they didn’t work.

This evening, I was trying again. After I finally gave up, I decided to play with this RIDICULOUSLY YELLOW square scarf I made from cheap WalMart fabric and ended up with the previously posted picture. I think I like it. It is as snoody as I think I will be able to get, plus I like that it doesn’t hang like more traditional snoods.  Elle, of course,  does not approve, in a way that only a long distance real live best friend can. But she has, from the beginning, vehemently protested the “snood.”

I think our friendship can handle this little bump. One of us will surely get over it! Any comments/suggestions about shape or ideas about how to make an actual snood?


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3 Responses to “mom update and snoods”

  1. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Hello Dana,

    I am all for ‘Ridiculously Yellow’ and think any headcover would be absolutely smashing in such a vibrant colour!! 🙂 As for snoods; hmm; I’m neutral. if you are comfortable waring such and believe it to provide appropriate coverage then go right ahead. They don’t suit me so I don’t wear them, but I know of many who do. Whatever cover you’re wearing, be it hat, berret, snood, bonnet, scarf, co-ordinating it with what you’re wearing can be a nice touch.

    Happy covering,


  2. dana Says:

    it IS “RIDICULOUSLY YELLOW!” and if your text to talk doesn’t get that, it’s CAPS LOCK, yelling. and i’m all about the ridiculously bright colors. i’m thinking pink is next…

  3. Sarah Elliott Says:

    Dearest Dana,

    Though i can’t see enough to read – not with magnification software (and there is some pretty heavy blindness specific artillery out there), not with blindness specific (low vision) correction either (with its own myrriad of equally serious weaponry – I’m on the wrong side of the print divide) I can see bright colour (ridiculously bright) or bright for most; gentle for me; searing for the fully sighted)… bright anything is magnificent (trust me to order the brightest purple – almost high-vis OH&S friendly) dress from the King’s daughters; the poor seemstress’s eyes would have been watering by the time she finished the garment!! 🙂 I’ve toned it down for summer (bletch!! it all looks grey!!) but hubby assures me it’s nice; though he does think I look a bit ‘FLDS’!! 🙂 :-0 to that I just replied ‘wanna join my cult??’ (you’ll get my off beat humour in time). In actual fact, it couldn’t be further from their uniform; accessorizing with waistcoats, (vests) beads, broaches, wearing florals hmm; not FLDS at all….Gadz!! 🙂

    Well that’s enough about my iconoclastic wardrobe 🙂 We’ve fully covering Niqabis here (who go in for gloves and drawing down their eyeveils) so I don’t know why my hubby’s reporting a few stares when taking my new kit out for a spin). As someone with a vision impairment, going fully undercover (at least for a season) is dangerously alluring; levels the playing field ‘I can’t see you, so why should you be able to see me?’ That’s most likely crooked logic and at the very least would be false advertising 🙂 especially around here with a high, bordering on Muslim Majority population (before they wore out, used to wear the dresses from the Muslim clothing shop as they were modest, they fit, and they were available).

    As for pink, this would be lovely. does bright aqua suit you? How about Orange, lime or majenta? How’s about something with a bit of everything??….knock up a ‘joseph’ headcover and blouse?? Or, don’t risk taking fashion advice from someone whose eyes are that VI that she thinks the above ideas are just right when others would need welding goggles 🙂

    have fun and keep on keeping on; will make (using your own choice of fabric if you don’t like their frankly staggering selection) any covering you like; I am thinking beautiful custom made velvet prayercap; something rich, dark and luscious with nice ties and trims… This would be perfect for your Northern Winter)…

    I’ll go in peace now and stop my prattlings 🙂



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