iTunes nonsense.

I just found a new sorting category in iTunes! If you’re unaware, I’m obsessed with playcount in iTunes. If I’m listening to a song, I can’t skip to the end and I can’t skip the end. Because then the play count for the song will be off. I can skip the song, if I don’t want to listen to it, but if there are like three seconds left in the song that are silent, I MUST LISTEN TO THEM so the count will go up. This probably stemmed from when I was obsessively listening to ALL the music on my computer. I  didn’t want any songs to have a playcount of zero.

I just found out that iTunes also keeps track of how many times you skip a track. “Skip Count” This excites me. I’m not sure what I will do with it, but time will tell.



One Response to “iTunes nonsense.”

  1. Elle Says:

    Really?? You can also edit the length of the song (start/end time), I’ve done that a few times.

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