work, ugh!

For the past three weeks or so I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with my job. To the point where all of last week was spent walking around in near tears. Not a good place for me. I think a lot of it is the job. It’s boring and repetitive. I am also really frustrated with my company’s seeming lack of consistancy and now wonder if this is just a ‘my company’ thing or if it is a profession wide thing, which might mean my intended career is not for me.

I’ve talked to my boss about the possiblity of reverting back to my old job, and I think my decision is to wait until January. Then, I’ll be taking Physiology and hopefully will be doing some kind of part time thing, which hopefully will be giving me some more variety and another month a) won’t kill me and b) might give me a little more perspective. because I’m leaning towards the idea that I might not love this job, but the past three weeks of misery might also be partially attributable to the fact that my family has been everpresent in ways I’m not accustomed to in this past year. What, with my mother coming down twice in three weeks and my sister coming down with husband and baby tomorrow.

I live alone! I’m not used to this much human interaction. Throw in a good dose of hormones and BAM! depressive funk. Which I THINK is lifting, if I don’t think of Thanksgiving…

So, this has had nothing to do with headcovering, but I needed to get it said.


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One Response to “work, ugh!”

  1. Elle Says:

    I still have LOTS of Tom Cruise vitamins that I’m not going to use…

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