eh… now what?

So, I was a weekend hijabi. I backed off on Monday. Weakness or intelligent? I’ll let you decide. I think I’ll go back to the hideous kerchiefy things and my homemade snoodish thing for work. I have mixed feelings on the full hijab style wrap anyway, no need to involve any more conflict at work than I have to.

I know I have loved on the hijab style, but my feelings are mixed as in I think it’s the prettiest head covering style around and yet, I’m not fully comfortable in it because of its ties to Islam. Given that I’ve spent a bit of time in the Middle East and study/ied Arabic, it comes off confusing to people who just see me and to people I’m just beginning to meet. I don’t like having to clarify “I’m Christian.” Because people don’t tend to ask and it’s awkward to just say.

I guess I just don’t know what I’m doing. I pray we figure it out as we go along.


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