a comment on the previous post

I need to add that when I say it was an everpresent reminder of God’s mercies, it sounds like I mean simply for the fact that I didn’t receive a ticket. And yeah, a bit of that, and a bit because, in retrospect, it forced me to go home and find the insurance card. And now I have an amazing story about changing a couple headlights several times with a good friend in a Walmart parking lot.

But mostly, it was an everpresent reminder of God’s mercies because I see how I am so blessed. I have so many things going for me, that I did nothing to deserve, that I won’t even dare to mention. Yet I see friends who have so many hardships that are equally undeserved and I ask God why me? Why do I have so much and am so frequently ungrateful for it when some are so downtrodden?

I don’t have the sense of inborn faith that others have. I don’t have the good works thing down. I’m barely obedient. I take for granted everything¬† have. And yet, I have everything I need and much more.

Why God, why?
Let me never forget how I am blessed.
Have mercy on me, a sinner.



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