sometimes i really wish i wasn’t a crazy.



One Response to “thoughts”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hello Dana,

    When i started covering, I was likewise single, worked, intended to keep at it, an SDA, not plain, plainish, what anyone would consider the run of the mill Christian coverer. Indeed, I had no point of reference whatsoever other than a very close Muslim friend!! it was conviction and conviction alone courtesy of the Holy Spirit and a few little verses of Scripture that led me to take the plunge. I had no one to compare myself to, knew not of any others who did this, much the same as you. The gravest mistake we can do is measure ourselves against others and what we perceive/assume we should be like. if there is anything this covering venture has taught me it is this; we are as many and varied as the stars of the heavens. Yes, the majority of sites out there and resources seem to lean toward plain/homeschool/homekeeper/even homechurch. And you know what, it doesn’t mean a thing. God is concerned with us as individuals; he doesn’t judge us against the mob, the standard others seem to fly… There is no uniform set of ‘houserules’ we must adhere to as Christians who choose to cover. That is, we don’t all have to wear a little lace doily, a pinnie (jumper for the North Americans), live the agrarian life etc etc. These choices are fine but they are not compulsory. I’m on several lists where there are other coverers who work; a goodly portion in the health professions as nurses or allied health care professionals. Some are dresses only, some wear pants. some homeschool, some private school and some public school their children, and, still others, like myself, have no children. We assume people assume the cover means ‘something’; I don’t worry or even think about this; for me, the only thing I think about re covering is the constraint to do so thanks to the Holy Spirit that I’ve been following for the better part of the last eight years. I’ve also worn Hijab style as well. And if you wish to be a farmer nurse in the Middle East, what is stoping you? Follow this calling, and give a care only for where God leads you…not what the naysayers and others think. In my situation, I am a student of theology and many coverers even think this path is not Godly for a woman of faith, and, They’re free to have their opinions but nothing changes my position. Yup, I might dress ‘plainesque’ but that is where I’ve somehow fallen…It’s not manditory; far from it…

    Keep on keeping on, knowing there’s another Anglican out there doing it; I’ve come across tthree others; ‘Anglican Plain’, and two in Australia who are far from plain, but very individual in their style and taste. I’ve encountered over the net. And in the wider scheme of things, we’re a whole lot more diverse than that.

    Take a look at this group…

    It’ll be well worth your while, and everyone’s welcome.

    May god bless and strengten you. Stand firm and don’t worry about what others think.


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