another coworker experience

The other day, when it was SO COLD, I was in the break room at work, getting ready to go home. I put my hat on over my kerchief and realized that the combo would drive me bananas if I had to wear it for any amount of time at all. There was one female coworker in the room with me and I decided that i would just quickly pull the kerchief off and wear just the knit hat out.

As I was contemplating this, my coworker remarked, “I’ve never seen your hair before!” which really shocked me. I even tried to argue with her! “I mean, I’ve seen the little at the front and the mass at the back, but not really.” Even though I’ve been covering for nearly six months, I tend to assume that every one I know knew me when I was “uncovered” becuase that’s how I still see myself, I guess.


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