why i love K’naan

when something good happens we say masha’allah, something bad happens, que sera sera


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6 Responses to “why i love K’naan”

  1. dana Says:

    i close my eyes and all i can see is you dancin’ with me. i’m a dreamer

  2. aubrey Says:

    but i ain’t the only one

  3. sph5 Says:

    got problems but love to have fun:)

    he is the most amazing person i have ever heard of…he has changed my whole outlook on life and is so brave. I don’t know how he remains so positive. If i had to meet one person before i died it would be him. I love him and listen to his music everyday.

    p.s. every time i listen to fatima, I sob.

  4. NAIMA Says:

    walaahi i love him more then my soul and my life and my eyes walaahi k’naan please follow me on twettir and face book will you please my aboowe all your sang keep that up

  5. NAIMA Says:

    always your lovely in my heart god bless you to you all aboowe

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