a ‘happy easter’ moment

So, as we were leaving class today our teacher says “Happy Easter! [pause] if, uh… you celebrate that…”

I was almost out the door, and paused myself as he did, turned a bit and looked at him as he ‘clarified.’ I was pretty sure that was for me. Because I am obviously a muslim. I debated clarifying myself as a Christian or just walking on.

In the end I just walked on, and at Good Friday service today, I wondered if that was one of my own Peter moments. When I talk to some of my classmates in Physiology, I tend to throw words like “my church” in to the conversation when possible. Though I’m not sure that relabels me as “Christian”

I suppose I’m frustrated because most people just assume and no one bothers to ask. (of course last week I think I was thankful no one ever asked)


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