josh: you know what happens when you put god off, right?
dana: no, what?
josh: it goes something along the lines of
josh: boats and oceans and storms;
josh: big scary sea creatures and emesis…
dana: oh yeah, right…

Unfortunately I can see myself in this. I’m in the middle east and I decide that I want to go somewhere, and in the back of my mind one of the really good reasons to go to this place is because it’s far away from some other place that maybe, just maybe i should be going. So, I head off in my own direction and hey, what the hell! I can get there by boat! I’ve never gone anywhere via boat before. Let’s do it.

And then the skys darken and there’s a large sea creature and the end, though. There’s probably no vomit for me…

Remind me that never having gone anywhere by boat might be a perfectly fine thing when that day comes…


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