a yemen flashback

When I was in Yemen, I took this trip out to Shibam/Kawkaban/Thulla with Ed, an amusing British student. We were hiking up from Shibam to Kawkaban when Ed, a secular English Jew started singing. It wasn’t necessarily that he started singing that surprised me, it was what he started singing.

Shine Jesus Shine
Fill this land with the Father’s Glory…

It was a bit much for my Christian yet anti-protestant-worship-music heart.

“You’re British, how do you know that song?” then a pause. “You’re JEWISH, how the HELL do you know that song?”

edit: his answer was much less interesting that I would have hoped. A paraphrase, if you will: Well, while English schools claim to be secular, really they are much less so that you would think. That’s English education for you.

CoE, I thought you were better than that.


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One Response to “a yemen flashback”

  1. Anna Says:

    Well, how did he know the song?!?

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