semester summation

So, the semester ended with a final last Friday. Grades were posted Tuesday and I made A’s in both Psychology and Physiology. Yay. Especially since I was considering taking a B in Psych because I was 5 “chapter logs” behind. I spent some serious petitioning time in during finals week before I actually sat down to write them Thursday. Obviously they were due on Friday at the Final.

Mercifully, my boss allowed me to go home early Thursday. I finished the papers with much less stress than I had anticipated and then stayed up for several more hours doing the Extra Credit assignment, which doubled as our study guide for the final. Yeah, you kinda have to love community college freshman level courses.  Or hate them. Whatever.

Credit hour summation: 7 Credit hours this semester, 191 (if I can add) cumulative undergraduate. Holy Crap. When I get done with the BSN, expect mid 200’s. One of the other students in psychology with me stated that his gpa couldn’t handle another B at this point. I’m thinking, eh? what’s another B. I have a reasonable gpa, it’s not going to hurt it all that much, really. What’s the difference between a 3.36 and a 3.39 or 3.35? Don’t they all round to 3.4?

Also, given the death (or at least comatose) state of the Little Blue Death Bucket (I’m expecting a DNR from the mechanic any minute now) the summer semester will be class free and will  pick up in the fall, god willing!

I am now looking into the possiblity of staying with some nuns for a while in July. I’d like them to be Epsicopal (even though my priest insists that Episcopal nuns are generally  ‘the bad kind of liberal/hippie’) because I want communion, damnit. But I’d go just about anywhere. Any suggestions?


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