very late morning

So, it’s about one pm, which means i need to get a move on. I have a very specific (though not very productive) schedule for my mornings. And yes, I realize it’s one, which would not technically be morning, but it is when I get morning prayer in, and it’s before I go to work and thus, it is morning to me.

I’ve been playing with Google Reader today. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Will give it some more time.  Earlier, I was scrolling through the feed and there were a lot of new articles. One of them gave me pause for a minute, until I realized that no, that headline was not from BBC News, it was from Overheard in New York.  Good job, distinguishing “news” from “not news” dana.

Also: not excited about going to work. Storms = not cool at a nursing home.


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