on running

Damn, I want to go for a run. Okay, so go for a run. Easy enough, right? Well, yeah. But no. Aside from the fact that I am so incredibly lazy and my current daily ritual (and I’m a bit OCD on daily rituals) does not include a run, along with the fact that I just hurt all the time (I’m too young to hurt all the time) and I’m tired all the time (I’m too young to be tired all the time), aside from those things, I think one of the major kickers is this notion I have that I must translate my current mode of modest dress into running. And I’m just not sure how to do that. But I do feel like I should try because I generally just feel so much better when I run.

So, the question is, what exactly do I wear?

What did I wear last year when I went running? Shorts, tank top, sunscreen, ect. But then last year I also didn’t cover my head. I wore jeans and maybe shorts and t-shirts. This year I do cover my head. On top of that I wear mostly skirts and shirts (t-shirt or button) and sweaters. At work, I wear scrubs, a long sleeved shirt under the top and a ridiculously ‘i’m a crazy protestant’ white kerchief. (I swing back and forth between loving and hating that thing. Thankfully most time is spend in the “eh, whatever/gets the job done” mindset.)

Obviously I can’t run in my swishy skirts. I tend to trip over those when I’m just plain walking (a hazard of being short) plus they can be hot. I have some shorter skirts but they aren’t really running style. Besides, I can’t imagine running in a skirt right now. I have running pants but it’s hot, plus I bought those several years ago and now they are ill fitting.

And what of tops? Long sleeved shirts?

Listen. I’m not that dedicated to modesty. I’m all about hydration and not getting heat stroke.

So, I’m thinking of going running. In shorts. and a tank top. and sunblock. maybe a kerchief. maybe not. but probably. As ridiculous as (rather short) shorts and a tank top and a kerchief/bandana may be. So be it.


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One Response to “on running”

  1. Caminante Says:

    I’m a regular runner (right now I’m training for the Waterfront Marathon) and I do try to keep modest and it’s not that hard.

    There are many track pants that are great for running, wick moisture away and are cool enough to wear all year long. I run during the summer with very light pants and I’ve run marathongs with these pants with no problem.

    For the top… I usually run with long-sleeve t-shirts, the ones made of polyester or some mixture of it (those “cool max” fabric). I do run the marathon with a short-sleeved T-shirt since I get too hot. But on my regular runs I do run with long-sleeved T-shirts with no problem (in general, I run up to 10k with long-sleeved Ts).

    Go to a running store, like the Running room, and they’ll have lots of good options to keep you cool and modest 🙂

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