a running followup

So, I wrote earlier about going running. And then I didn’t say much. Because I didn’t do much. And then I was talking to a friend about my dog over the weekend. Apparently some of his  whinyness might be due to not getting as much exercise as he needs. So I resolved to walk him daily, or rather, twice a day. Which I put off, until on Monday when he finally chewed through the tie out he was on.

That night, after I got back from work we went for a walk. Yeah, I walk my dog at midnight. Because that’s how much I love him. Even as he is pulling my arm off. And the next day we went in the morning. I wore pants and a long sleeved shirt and a walmart bandana. And the next day as well. It was warm, but could have been worse.

Today, though, I decided to try a “run while dog walking” and, also because of some other things that I’ve been dealing with I decided to shorts it up. So I went out in shorts and a sleeveless t and no scarf. And we went for a jog/walk/stand still with my dog.

It felt weird. It felt nice. It was a little betraying, and a little freeing, and a little WTF?

And then I took a bath, put on my skirt/shirt/light sweater/scarf and went to work for the in-service (I have the night off)

Hypocritical? probably.
Do I really care? A little bit.
Am I really that devoted to modesty? No.
But do I love headcovering? Somehow, yes.

And now, what do I do?
Fuck, I don’t know.


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