first tube change on the bike.

So, last week sometime the bike got a flat tire.

I decided this would be my very own adventure, seeing as I’ve never changed a bike tube before. I went to Walmart and bought a couple inner tubes & a changing kit, which consisted of a cheap wrench and two of those things to take the tire off the wheel.

I go home and i’m trying to use the cheap wrench to take the nuts off, that are holding the wheel onto the frame. It’s just not working. I go looking for a bigger wrench and there’s none at the house. Of course now it’s dark and I don’t want to go to the barn. So I wait a while.

Until this morning. (um, I’m using the term “morning” loosely here, I mean early afternoon) I go to check the mail and figure while I’m out there, I’ll go over to the barn. I hike out but once there, I realize it’s locked. Which I’m sure is a good thing, and then I realize that I might end up with seriously frustrated brothers if I just take the wrench from out there to the house for the bike.

So, I go to Journagans to buy one. Damn, those things are expensive! Anyway, I buy my wrench and finally get home to work on it. I successfully get the wheel off. Once I had a non-shitty wrench, the nuts were no problem at all. I take the inner tube, wheel & tire to the garage and halfheartedly attempt to find where the old tube was leaking. No such luck. I start filling the new tube. I get it into the tire and on the wheel and inflate to the correct pressure.

I get it back on the bike, but as I’m doing so, I’m wondering if that’s a bulge “teh interwebs” warned me about. *shrug* I dunno. So, now it’s time for the test ride. I get out and down the street. I decide to do the half mile out/half mile back route and as I’m turning into the driveway I notice a sound like something’s rubbing against the tire.

Yeah, so that must be one of those “bulges” I take the bike inside and try to take the wheel off. Why the hell won’t this tire come off? It. Just. Won’t. Come. KA-BLAOW!. off…

And even after the tube burst, the damn wheel won’t come off. I finally finangle the wheel from the chain. I think I’ll work on re-replacing the tube tomorrow…


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