conversion speeches

We have a lady at work who, apparently consistently, tries to convert people to her form of Christianity (or as some might say cult).  I didn’t realize this until a couple of weeks ago. I walked in to the med room and there were a couple of med techs and nurses there. One mentioned that the lady had a pill she needed and the other med techs and day shift nurse all said something like “Don’t make me take it! Every time I go in there, she tries to convert me.”

I shrugged my shoulders and took it, because I have no idea what they are talking about. This lady, while strange, has never overtly tried to convert me. Actually, I don’t think she’s ever told me what her religion is. Though, I know because gossip reigns supreme at work. Also, she keeps religious pamphlets out & whatnot.

Her attempts to convert people were confirmed today when I went into her room and tried to give her her meds. She must have been so intent in her conversation with the CNA that she didn’t even notice me.  I’m standing there, trying to hand her her meds, and she’s asking the CNA about demons & ghosts. When the CNA leaves, she tries to tell me they were talking about something completely different, the news. Uh-huh lady.

Though it did get me thinking back to when I first started headcovering.  She (along with several other residents and family members) asked me what my religion was. So, I told them Christianity. Because that’s what religion I am. Of course, that’s pretty insufficient for most people because as one co-worker said “Hey, I’m Christian, but I don’t wear that.” And then they ask what denomination. So, I say “Episcopalian.”  Which leads to blank stares. Because really, who knows what an Episcopalian is? Which leads to (I swear the leading to will end) my own personal conundrum. Do I just let them sit there and think that there is a whole denomination they haven’t heard of that wears headcoverings or do I attempt to explain that I’m the only woman in my congregation that covers? That I might possibly be the only woman in my Diocese? I still don’t have a good (read, consistent) answer for that.

Back to the lady. She asks me about the headcovering. I stumble through the awkward conversation that follows. She generally leaves me alone. Until a month or so later. I go in to her room to take her some meds. She asks me, and I quote (or what I can remember of a quote, nearly a year later) “So, is that *pointing to head* scarf thing working out for you?”

I swear to God almighty the words were “Is that working out for you?”  At this point, I was stressed to the max with work and class, general sleep deprivation and fast food living and I was pretty much pissed with this question. I barely know you, and you’re wondering if my scarf & my religious convictions are working out for me? It’s probably a good thing I left with a quick & curt “Yes.” Otherwise I might be getting my own conversion speeches.


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