on biking.

I’ve been thinking of bike riding recently. Well, more than thinking, really. Obsessively reading about biking. Frantic googling of bicycle commuting. Much as I did before I started headcovering. I wound up justifying that through faith and setting a specific date and just doing it.

I have no faith justifications here [though one could say that being good stewards of God’s creation might lead one to bike commuting, I’m not going that far, especially as Little Blue Death Bucket gets 40+ mpg’s (no kidding)] The incessant fear that LBDB might AT ANY MOMENT just stop going, never to be revived is really the biking stimulus.

I’m really interested in any form of transportation where I can look at it when there’s a problem and say “Hm… maybe that thing that used to be here is now over here.” I’m all about self-sufficency. I might not be the type of person who always took apart things to see how they worked, but I always kinda wanted too. I was always just a little afraid I’d never get them back together.  Seriously.

I recently replaced the rear tube on the bike (which needs a rockin’ name, BTW.) Rode it a very little bit and it had some problems, and while I was trying to take the wheel off the bike later the tube totally exploded. I don’t like exploding things. In fact, I don’t like balloons because they might explode. So, I put a new tube in that same night, but I haven’t taken the bike out yet, partially because I’m lazy but also because I’m just a bit afraid it might explode.

Though none of that is really the point of this post. The point might be, I’m obsessively reading about bike commuting, so why don’t I just go somewhere by bike? Uber-lameness is the only answer I can think of.

I’m off Monday. I can do this.


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