so i have like a minute

before I have to leave for work. And I can’t find my watch. Which really isn’t surprising because it’s been hiding a lot these days. And I’m sleep deprived.

Started my microbiology class. Was dreading it. Maybe it won’t be quite as bad as I thought but I can’t get the gdmf .docx files to open to prepare for lab tomorrow. And I’m sure that after I get off of work in 12 hrs I will totally be competent to figure it out.

I have actually taken my lunch to work this week. You know, all one day. And a packed one for today. Insha’allah i’ll eat it. and not, you know, buy the crappy cafeteria food at 1am. Crap. I really didn’t eat before work. Oh well. I’ll throw in a pack of poptarts.

Anyway. It’s gonna be an interesting summer. A sleep deprived crazy-talking, orthodox summer. insha’allah. god willing. Got to go. Goodbye beautiful


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