180. or is it 360?

So, I am trying to cut PANTS! (the car) out of my life as much as possible, right? Well, I decided this morning to take a little trip to Walgreens. I’m walking home at 3ish and this cop passes me, hits his brakes and turns into the suicide lane. waits for a car to pass and realizes that he’s turning into an empty, dark parking lot. Pulls back out into the regular lane, drives up to the next well-lit parking lot and turns around. He drives past me, slowly. At this point, I’m pretty sure he’s going to stop me.

For what, I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to say. “I work nights and I didn’t want to drive to the store,” was the only thing coming to mind. But he passes me by. I think it’s the skirt with the grocery bag that did it. About five minutes later, I see him pass me again, going in his original direction.

Which leaves me wondering, if I looked somehow more sketch, or black or homeless what this cop would have done. If he (I’m generalizing the he, I suppose it could have been a ‘she’) would have stopped me. If he thought I was drunk or homeless or causing mischief.

I’m pretty sure I need to get me some mace.


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4 Responses to “180. or is it 360?”

  1. Isaac Says:

    Don’t mace a cop, it brings bad luck… quickly.

    • dana Says:

      i know my social skillz are lacking, but i have way more respect for authority than normal people. i would not mace a cop. not intentionally at least!

  2. joanne Says:

    I prayed you made it home safe last evening 🙂 I had a thought that maybe that cop was keeping a ‘good’ eye on you, making sure you were safe as you walked home at such a late hour … alone? We too are trying to not drive as often and are thankful for our bicycles. The boys installed a crate on the back of my bicycle and a rack on the front. I’m left to wonder why I have to carry the extra weight!?

    I am really enjoying reading your blog … sounds like you’ve been on a very interesting journey thus far. I appreciate your open-ness and sense of humor.

    I see you used to wear a hijab? The scarf I have now is actually a hijab; I usually wear an undercap with it, but it’s been so hot I got out of the habit of it (must get back to doing that!). I plan to wrap it around in the cooler weather and see how that goes. There are really no muslims around here, however in my home town there are plenty to be seen. I pray it opens the door for good conversation, insha’allah 🙂

    Ok, I must get to work around here! Lord bless you Dana – it was such a blessing to talk with you.

    Love in Christ, Joanne in Monett

  3. dana Says:

    Thanks. The ride home was so nice. Much better than being stuck in a car! I just put a folding basket on my rear rack. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit quite right and thus doesn’t really stay folded. Which defeats the purpose mostly.

    Yes, I used to use hijab as one of my covering options. I never did it on an “every day” basis, though most of my scarves could be used that way. I don’t have any good undercaps. I bought some lacy things online, but they don’t help the scarf stay all that much better and one of my friends said they reminded her of bras, and now they do me too, so it just doesn’t seem right and I don’t use them. Soon enough the weather will change and you’ll be needing to use that underscarf. Just don’t forget that you will be inside too and dress too warm!

    I definitely want to hear about what happens when you switch it up! I have some of my own experiences, but this is getting long already!

    And also with you! I’m glad we met!

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