I think my last post was a little unfair and not really representative of my thoughts about that church. I’m taking down the post and thinking more about the experience there.

In other news: OH DEAR! I decided the other day that I was DONE buying lunch at work. It’s not particularly expensive, but it does add up. So, I took my lunch last night and MAN OH MAN! I refuse to cook meat. I’ll eat it, right? but I don’t like dealing with the raw stuff. So, I took my old standby. Rice and beans with random-ish spices thrown on top. The last place I worked, all my coworkers thought I was a hard-core vegetarian hippie because of the serious amounts of rice & beans I ate.

HOWEVER! It has been a LONG time since I’ve eaten like this. And my digestive system is not used to it, at all! Needless to say, my belly hurts like WHOA.

And now I have enchiladas sitting on my oven going “eat me!” and bed calls. Oh, Night shift!


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