So, I bike right? I mean, I have a car for really ridiculous weather, but I bike to work frequently.

One of my pet peeves when it comes to cars and bikes is when a car passes me in an intersection. I HATE IT. As a biker, I feel really vulnerable at intersections because if I’ve come to a complete stop, I’m going slower anyway. I’m more unsteady as well. Plus, I have the possibility of traffic from three directions. When you pass in the intersection, it’s all like an attack. It just seems silly to me anyway, because the intersection isn’t that big! I mean, they always have to end!

So, I was riding home from class today (in the rain!) and this SUV passes me in an intersection. Grrr. BUT! It made my day when I pulled up right behind it at the next intersection because he had to wait on the red. HAHA! I win.

SRSLY. It’s like my favorite thing ever when cars pass me irresponsibly and then I catch up to them at the next light. Because not only have I caught them, meaning they didn’t actually save ANY time, they are often the trigger for the light to change.

It’s like “I WIN” squared. 🙂


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