a cooking duh.

In the chronicles of “Why the hell didn’t i think of this before now?” I present to you,

You know how when you buy fresh veggies… Wait. you might not know this. Let me explain. Sometimes, I want to make a dish. It requires fresh vegetables. Often these vegetables are sold in units larger than the recipe calls for, and for whatever reason you can’t just buy a smaller amount. So I buy them and I use what the recipe calls for. And the rest go bad. REALLY! and then a month later I’m all, “Man, I need some celery!” and the cycle repeats.

So, I have this celery in the fridge because um. the carrot curry recipe called for it. And I’m all “I should use it. I should eat it. I’m going to have to throw this out!” When all of a sudden I saw this blog post (which I can’t for the life of me find right now) that had a picture of celery, cut up and in a FREEZER BAG. It was like MY WHOLE LIFE expanded. FREEZE the food you can’t eat right away. Like the thought never crossed my mind. God, I’m dumb sometimes. But I just saved me some celery. (I assume you can do this with other foods. and probably not with some.)

Anyway. I think this idea came from Budget Bytes but if not, it’s still 100% worth checking out.

On a completely unrelated note: KANSAS CITY, HERE I COME! (you know, insha’allah, b’ezret hashem, we will with god’s help +) We are going to church it up.


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One Response to “a cooking duh.”

  1. joanne Says:

    Hello Dana – I thought I subscribed to your blog but I guess I didn’t, so I missed the last few posts you did.
    Freezing celery, yes 🙂 such a good thing to know. Of course you cannot use it as ‘fresh’ anymore but frozen celery works really well in cooked recipes. We freeze many things when we get bunches of it … I especially like to get ripe bananas and freeze them for smoothies. I cook for a crowd, but take every advantage I can to stock up when there’s a good deal. Mostly I freeze things, but I also can or dehydrate them.

    I pray all is well with you … we plan to be out tonight at the same place, Lord willing, so maybe we’ll meet you again?

    God bless you, js

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