i might fail at copy/paste

So, I’m sure I’ve said this before to some people, but I really freakin’ love the temple in these here parts. A lot. Even though traditionally, I love the Jews less than most of my friends. Like mostly just been “eh” when they’ve all been, “Yeah, I seriously considered converting.” Now, I’m more than “eh” but less than “I’m seriously considering converting.” Mostly, I’m “God, I love the way they pray.”

So, combine that with a not-exactly fruitful search of the version of the prayer they sing at shabbat service and also my EXTREMELY BAD taste in music, and we have this. A BEAUTIFUL version of a really nice prayer.

ALSO: found: the version I’ve heard, click on the “sung” link to hear it at the bottom of the Temple Sinai page. There’s also a translation, though sadly not a transliteration as well.


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