church break

Sometimes, I take a break from church. and churches. And I’m doing it again this week. I am TIRED. and confused. and really really… confused. So, I’m breaking for a while. No Orthodox or Episcopal or any other Christian services for the week. Exception for Sunday, where I may go to St. James. Or not. Depending. That’s the plan.

I will probably make it out to the Temple on Friday night because I have Thursday/Friday off so I will be well rested. I might make it to Juma’a prayers at the Mosque Friday noonish, but that’s not for sure. Oh. I need to figure out if there is a time change because of the end of DST.

Okay, this is a little rambley. Suffice to say I’m tired. And confused. And really lost. Or wandery. I’ve heard all who wander are not lost. I’m not sure that’s applicable to me. Though honestly, who wouldn’t want it to be? I know who I am and what I believe (NOOOOOO protestant hymn!) Yeah, that’s totally not me.

Goodnight all.


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